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Buy2LetExpert is the trading name of Place2live Ltd which was established in 1993 with the objective of purchasing, designing, developing and managing its own residential property portfolio in London.

In the later 1990's bank attitudes changed towards residential property investment. Buy to let as an asset class was born and an extremely differentiated cross section of investors became attracted. The new investors often lacked the skill set and time required to maximise investment performance of their properties. Buy2LetExpert was established to offer its experience and resources to clients keen to maximise their investment returns.

Trading for almost 20 years, we are now a company of seven. Our growth is deliberately conservative allowing us to invest in the long term for both the business and our clients.

Place2live Ltd
Lynton House
39-51 Highgate Road

Company registration number - 03732285



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To contact us call: 020 7482 0300 or email