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About Buy 2 Let Expert

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Buy2LetExpert staff

Chris Jackson (Managing Director)

Chris founded Buy2LetExpert* in 1993 and managed the company full time from 1998. Chris formerly worked for over 10 years as a Japanese stockbroker in London with employers including Robert Flemings.

John Thurkettle

John joined in 1999 and heads the maintenance team. His has both extensive practical and site management experience. Previous employers saw him operate as a senior site manager and foreman. These positions followed an apprenticeship encompassing various construction fields.

Georgi Karapenev

Georgi joined in 2007 after university and working as a sole trader offering property maintenance services in London for over five years.

Richard Bloomfield

Richardís experience stems from 11 years of service to stock broking followed by nearly a decade working as website editor/manager for charities like the Woodland Trust and British Lung Foundation. Richard now works for TheWorkplaceDepot - a leading supplier of office, warehouse and industrial equipment - but still finds time to contribute to Buy2LetExpert's marketing and digital requirements.

Dan Terziyski

Dan has an engineering and I.T. background and takes care of our ever increasing I.T. requirements and associated maintenance.

Peter Nedyalkov

Peter joined in 2006 from an engineering background and has extensive site and project management experience. He mainly manages our non U.K. business which commenced in 2006.

Louise Jackson (Company Secretary)

Louise helped to found Buy2LetExpert* in 1993 following graduation as a Danish lawyer. She helps with the creative and design aspects of the business and helps to guide business strategy.

*Buy2LetExpert is the trading name of Place2live Ltd.


Chris Jackson of Buy2LetExpert

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