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Buy-to-let property consultants

Tenant management:
 - Inventory
 - Utility, council tax & other bills
 - Tenant referencing
 - Contract signing & legal paperwork
 - Maintenance
 - Renewal management
 - Rent level management

Tenant management

Tenant management is usually defined as the work involved from the moment a tenant is found until the time that tenants moves out of the property. It includes all the admin and paperwork associated with setting up the tenancy and then all the day to day issues within the tenancy such as maintenance and what Buy2LetExpert offers.

Numerous estate agents offer both this management function and doubtless many will provide an excellent service. By exploring this section it should be possible to understand what to look for in a competent management agent.

Buy2LetExpert has managed its own properties for many years. The management process is quite easy IF the property has been prepared and marketed properly but can be very tricky if it has not. For this reason Buy2LetExpert will generally only manage a property if it has been involved in preparing that property and finding its quality tenants. The important point to convey is that the management must form only part of what Buy2LetExpert offers. If seen in isolation, income streams will be put at risk and investment returns compromised. Estate agents (often through no fault of their own) are forced to manage badly prepared properties as they are 'managing' the tenants and tenancy contract in isolation.


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