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Interior design:
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Lighting is another piece in the jigsaw of interior design which Buy2LetExpert affords great attention. In its most basic form, its use is purely functional giving us the ability to operate when there is no natural light! However, it can do so much more and it is possible to achieve an enormous amount even on a small budget.

Firstly be aware of the different types of lighting:

General lighting. Usually such lighting gives the general lighting of the room and tends to be lamps either in or on the ceiling. As a general rule we would recommend several such sources of light but the possibility of dimming the brightness to give greater flexibility.

Wall Lighting. Usually an up light mounted on a wall, sometimes in addition also providing light down the wall. Such lighting brings alive dark areas and bring a warm feeling of space as the eye get drawn to the lit areas and fools the brain into thinking the room is bigger! Dimming the general lighting low and increasing the wall lighting is an option for relaxing evenings.

Floor up-Lighting. Such lighting will typically be a 'standing lamp' type throwing light both up and down. Such lighting can often be purchased incorporating a dimmer. Retailers such as Ikea give good value and such lighting can be used where a property is not wired for wall lighting option..

Task Lighting. Typically low hanging pendant lights over dining tables, worktops and similar or standing lamps with focused bulb to aid reading. Such lights are used when executing the task (e.g. eating or reading the paper).

Candles. A few tasteful scented candles discreetly placed in a room costs very little but can look great and make a room very welcoming.

The main point of discussing a few types of lighting source is to illustrate the vast range of possibilities. The use of dimmers and different types of light is often called: 'mood lighting' as different moods can be created. In expensive properties intelligent dimmers might be used to set different 'scenes' and much more. However it is also possible for a few cheap dimmers and careful choices to result in amazing lighting at budget prices.

Evening and winter viewings come alive with decent lighting and all contribute to finding more and better potential tenants. In short, as usual, the But2LetExpert aim is to make every pound spent an investment pound.


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