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Tenant management:
 - Inventory
 - Utility, council tax & other bills
 - Tenant referencing
 - Contract signing & legal paperwork
 - Maintenance
 - Renewal management
 - Rent level management

Contract signing and legal paperwork

Details of the types of contract that are available have been discussed in the legal section. The signing of the contract is also important. It is imperative that all parties are present together to sign the contract and it is dated to coincide with this signing. Make absolutely sure all monies due (rent and deposit) are paid in full. Any other parties allowed to live at the property (e.g. children) should also be noted on the contract. There are various other important procedures but both the formation and signing of the contract should be taken seriously.

The landlord should print two copies of the contract and sign both. One copy is to be signed and returned to the landlord. The other is for the tenantís records. It may be worth pointing out the main terms just one more time but the contract will already have been with the tenant for some weeks in draft form. Once the contract is signed, provide the inventory list and explain all the procedures regarding the checking and return of the inventory list.

Once the contract is signed the deposit should be registered immediately and the various certificates forwarded to the tenant along with the EPC, gas safety check and any other relevant documents. These should all be forwarded by e mail.

Buy2LetExpert likes email. All important documents can be sent this way and the emails kept on record. There is then in effect clear evidence that all appropriate paperwork has been provided. Consequently any disputes (either informal or formal) are more likely to be quickly resolved in favour of the landlord.

But2LetExpert always keep a clear trail of all paperwork no matter whether it related to reading utility metres or to contract issues. We record and scan everything we can. Any disputes are usually quickly resolved in our favour simply because we keep excellent records. It is a simple discipline but one that does require time and organisation.


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