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Tenant management:
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Renewal management

Renewal management refers to an existing tenant wanting to renew an existing contract which is close to expiry. The process cannot be seen in isolation. For example, the chances of a renewal are much enhanced by operating a quality maintenance program.

Assured Shorthold Tenancy contracts 'carry over' once they have expired. So, if the landlord and tenant do not renew, there is no legal problem. However, it does decrease the security of tenure for both landlord and tenant. Either can give notice to leave at any time. Some advocate this as being excellent. Buy2Let recognise there is an advantage to the landlord in the sense that problem tenants can be evicted quicker. However, if the tenants have been selected properly and managed correctly, the likelihood of needing formal eviction proceedings is very low. Buy2LetExpert has never had to evict anyone formally in almost 20 years.

Renewing a contract formally gives an opportunity to engage with a tenant. It forces the tenant to think about the future. Encouraging this process can be good for the landlord. An example might be a tenant who states in late September they wish to move out in about 3 months or so. In this case the landlord can plan by doing a few jobs and maybe some decoration. Buy2LetExpert has meanwhile noticed that writing a new contract for 3 months is not good as the expiry would be at Christmas time. The property will not let over Christmas. Consequently the landlord suggests a 2 month or 4 month contract to avoid the Christmas/New Year slack letting period. Such a strategy reduces the chance of voids and reduced income. If the tenant is not happy then the alternative is not to renew at all. A re let in September is no problem. Compare this with a contract that has 'carried over' (beyond its term). The tenant can give one month’s notice at any time. The end of November is quite possible. A re let one month later (Christmas time) will, however, be impossible and a void with consequential lost rent is inevitable. This is one reason why Buy2LetExpert also recommend the additional administration involved in forming new contracts once the old one’s have expired while recognising there are disadvantages regarding ease of eviction of problem tenants.

An additional reason why Buy2LetExpert would always recommend a formal renewal of the contract is because this gives an opportunity to review the rent, thereby maximising investment returns.


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