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Advice for buy to let investors in London

Tenant marketing:
 - Rental pricing
 - Photography
 - Advertising placement
 - Viewings
 - Property plans


Photography is an essential component of the marketing effort. The initial advertising effort is likely to be focused on the internet which is the perfect forum to display photographs of a property to let. The photography is more important than the words. A professional photographer can produce the best results but the costs are high and many of the benefits would not be noticeable on a computer screen and it is only there that is important for our advertising. Buy2LetExpert are not professional photographers but provide excellent results utilising a few simple tips:

  • Use a decent camera with a wide angle lens. A wide angle lens is essential when photographing rooms. You simply see more and the room looks bigger. A standard lens in a small bathroom will just about fir the W.C. in frame! This is simply not good enough.
  • Spend time clearing the room and preparing for the photo. Photos should ideally be taken in a vacant property (prior to the first let) but, if impossible, tidy the room a bit. Ensure curtains are even and straight. Experiment with portrait and landscape shots and take lots of shots from different angles.
  • Ensure lighting is good. Open all blinds and curtains. Utilise standing lights and other lighting. Experiment with and without lights and with and without flash.
  • Utilise a tripod. This ensures pictures stay sharp when lighting is poor and flash not chosen.
  • External shots of the property can be tricky. Attempt to find an opportunity for a shot without the property being obscured by vehicles. Avoid a 'straight on shot'. An angled shot including some green such as road side trees (if possible) is preferable.

Once back at the office Buy2LetExpert selects the best shots before utilising specialist software to enhance and frame the shots as best possible. Only then are the photographs finally ready for submission but the extra effort results in an image of quality. It differentiates the advert from 95% of the others and helps to attract the desired tenants.


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