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Advice for buy to let investors in London

Tenant marketing:
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 - Viewings
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Property plans

Property plans are extremely useful in helping to gauge the layout of a particular apartment or house and may form part of the tenant marketing plan. For the marketing of more expensive premium London properties, plans are essential. In this market properties are priced more by the square metre than the number of bedrooms. Furthermore such properties are usually advertised unfurnished ready for the tenant to bring their own furnishings. In this scenario it is important for the tenant to be able to gauge which item of cherished furniture will fit where.

For main market properties the decision to use plans is not so simple. A set of plans might typically cost £300 to produce and this is a large outlay for cheaper properties and probably not necessary. The £300 might be equivalent to a week's rent at a cheaper property but only one day's rent at a premium property. Buy2LetExpert would assess each property and develop a marketing strategy that may or may not include plans depending on the target client and likely hood of the plan aiding quality and the quantity of advertising responses.

Software can be purchased which enables plan formation to be a fairly simple operation. However accurate site measurements must first be taken and so it is unlikely that the plans can be formed (from property visit to completion) in much under 1 day's work for experienced operators. An alternative is to work with an outside 'plan formation agent'. Such an agent will still expect on site measurements to be provided but will then execute the plans from these measurements and sketches.



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