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Improve your but-to-let buildings

Building and improvements:
 - Architecture and planning
 - Plumbing
 - Kitchens
 - Bathrooms
 - Electrics
 - Joinery
 - Furnishing
 - Rubbish and junk clearance
 - Cleaning
 - Miscellaneous tasks

Architecture and planning

Following an initial Buy2LetExpert free consultation and a cost/benefit analysis for a property, a decision may be made to plan the project in more detail. This phase must not be underestimated. Careful planning reduces costs by minimising mistakes and the time taken for the project the maximising returns.

Should the initial free consultation be interesting to both sides, Buy2LetExpert would initially seek a refundable deposit to produce a detailed evaluation of the recommendations for the property together with a detailed breakdown of the costs involved to achieve the desired objectives.

Depending on the situation, the recommendations for the property may encompass very few or many of our services. For example the property may just need a little cleaning and clearance followed by some improved marketing utilising decent photography. Another property might need a new bathroom or kitchen and/or a more efficient improved heating system with pressurised balanced hot and cold water feeding power showers. All these things would be discussed in detail with the client taking special note of the cost/benefit of the proposal.

The planning process identifies the areas where improvements will generate the maximum returns. A solid oak floor may be a must in Kensington but a real wood laminate may be sufficient in Balham because in Balham there will be not rent gain from the solid would floor! All decisions are therefore taken within the context of the profile of the potential rental client. No money should be invested unless there is a decent return! Buy2letExpert have years of experience of achieving this objective. It is simply the absolutely most central objective while planning a project demanding that every penny spent achieves a profitable return.

Example of Planning a Project:

A Property, Balham, London

Background: A 3 bed flat formed from a former larger terraced house. The flat is quite clean and has no obvious defects but lacks any design. The problems and solutions at the property can be summarised as follows



Existing furnishings very traditional, worn and dirty Replace 90% of furnishings
Heating intensity can only be controlled by central “house” thermostat Supply and fit thermostatic radiator valves to all radiators allowing individual room control
Rooms Dark. Curtains tracks and blinds broken Redesign blind and curtain system allowing for a brighter more practical solution
Kitchen area has a leak, terrible boiler access and a washing machine that does not fit properly Minor worktop alterations to allow washing machine to fit. Leak fixed. Central heating leaking pump fixed and boiler made more accessible
Poor decorations. Quite clean but low standard. Very “cold” feel Redecorate using whites and off whites giving warmer feel.
More details
Bathroom and one bedroom have extremely draughty windows. Replacement very expensive Supply timber secondary glazing internally to stop drafts and improve looks
Estate agent attempting to market the property without improvements Fire the agent! Use Buy2LetExpert to rectify the problems before marketing and securing quality tenants.

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