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Improve your but-to-let buildings

Building and improvements:
 - Architecture and planning
 - Plumbing
 - Kitchens
 - Bathrooms
 - Electrics
 - Joinery
 - Furnishing
 - Rubbish and junk clearance
 - Cleaning
 - Miscellaneous tasks


Joinery tasks can be quite small but left undone can make a property look quite shabby. Typical simple Buy2LetExpert joinery tasks might be:

  • Rotten windows. Replacement windows (especially timber) can often be extremely expensive and quite intrusive while tenants are in occupation. It is often possible to 'chop out' and replace damaged or rotten areas with long term benefits and much reduced cost. Buy2LetExpert has much experience of this kind of work.
  • Rotten doors. Again like with windows, a repair might be a cheaper solution and be quite adequate.
  • Damaged sash chord systems. Sash chord ropes frequently break in older windows. Repair is not always such a huge job.
  • Replacement/repairs to kitchens.

Smaller jobs can be just as important as larger tasks but have equal impact on financial returns. Some example might be:

  • Kitchen issues. Crooked or broken doors, missing handles, hinge defects and much more are usually tiny tasks but look awful at any viewing and create totally the wrong impression. Repair is quick and cheap and pleases tenants.
  • Repair of door handles, sticking or broken doors, loose skirting boards and so on. Again tiny tasks but it is not acceptable to learn of an issue during a viewing.

Smaller joinery tasks often are executed as general maintenance tasks and might be first noticed during decorations or other repairs. Buy2LetExpert will not just 'do the minimum to fix the problem'. So, if called out for a dripping tap, our staff will also complete other smaller tasks at the same time (e.g. loose kitchen door hinge or drawer front).

At Buy2Let Expert the approach is very different and it because:

The plumber works directly for our team and is capable of other other basic tasks other than just plumbing. So, for the same fee the kitchen door is repaired and other problems are photographed and solutions investigated before a discussion with the landlord. Forward planning like this cuts voids and therefore increases returns with a tiny extra outlay.


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