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Buy2LetExpert will immaculately clean a property at the moment of handover to a tenant. When there is an outgoing tenant careful planning is required. The inventory section gives more detail but the pre 'check out' inventory check will identify how much cleaning is likely to be required. In many cases one or two days can be enough to totally clean and even emulsion marked areas. As always the aim is to ensure that voids are kept to a minimum.

Clearly to ensure a property is cleaned, painted and various smaller repairs are all executed within 24 to 48 hours requires military like planning and cooperation between disciplines. Buy2letExpert offers a team of decorators, cleaners, electricians that can all work together and help each other. Only this way can the void period be minimised. Utilising individual tradesman will extend the void and cost far more resulting in rising costs and falling income!

Buy2LetExpert will always provide a totally clean property. It reduces the chance of tenancy disputes. If there is a dispute it is much more easily resolved if both sides are aware that the property was totally clean at handover. Any ambiguity in this area is likely to result in a lost case at arbitration if there is an inventory dispute. Consequently, a clean property starts the tenancy on a good footing and benefits the tenant directly and landlord indirectly.

But2letExpert ensures an incoming tenant is genuinely shocked and impressed at the standard of cleaning at handover. This will be especially so when the incoming tenants viewed and selected the property with the old tenants in situ. Starting a tenancy on a good footing is essential and has many indirect benefits for the future landlord/tenant relationship.

Cleaning is not easy. Bathrooms and kitchen usually require the most work:

Bathrooms. In addition to general cleaning the following and more might be required:

  • Mould removal
  • Repair & service extractor fans
  • Replace silicon seals if dirty
  • Repair grout
  • Remove lime scale etc.
  • Replace loo seat if at all damaged.
  • Replace loo brush for new.
  • Repair all lighting
  • Replace chipped and cracked mirrors and glass shelves

Kitchen. In addition to the general surface cleaning the following are typical examples:

  • Oven. A dirty oven is common. It can take 3 to 4 hours to clean completely a bad example! The process involves the application of cleaning products, waiting, scrubbing, repeating etc etc! Consequently other cleaning tasks can be executed during the 'waiting time' windows. The oven should be shining like new at handover.
  • Washing machines. Cleaning of seals and soap drawers.
  • Cupboards. Cleaning on top as well as inside!
  • Lighting. All lights should be replaced
  • Taps/Sink. Remove all lime scale.
  • Seals. Replace and damaged or worn silicone seals
  • Extractor hoods. Thorough cleaning including filters.

Living areas and bedrooms are likely to require less cleaning but again every cupboard should be spotless and every window cleaned inside and out. Furniture covers, curtains and general fabrics should be washed and/or replaced. Specialist tools are available for cleaning certain specific items such as venetian blinds quickly and efficiently.

Buy2LetExpert will ensure cleaning tasks are executed quickly in conjunction with minor repairs such as spot decorating to minimise voids and reduce the possibility of inventory disputes. Consequently rental income is maximised and costs are minimised.


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Keeping buy-to-let properties clean

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