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Improve your but-to-let buildings

Building and improvements:
 - Architecture and planning
 - Plumbing
 - Kitchens
 - Bathrooms
 - Electrics
 - Joinery
 - Furnishing
 - Rubbish and junk clearance
 - Cleaning
 - Miscellaneous tasks

Miscellaneous tasks

'A stitch in time saves Nine' - A property will always throw up a huge variety of problems. Thankfully most are small and can be dealt with easily but if left unchecked much larger more expensive remedies will be required. So, good maintenance means reduced costs and therefore higher investment return.

Some examples of tiny jobs that Buy2LetExpert has encountered that could have caused huge problems in the future:

  • A tenant noted the possibility of water in the kitchen cupboard under the sink: Investigation soon revealed a tiny leak in a joint which was repaired within a minute. Left unchecked, the water would have built up on the bedroom below and brought the ceiling down!
  • A small damp patch was reported on wall: Investigations revealed a faulty gutter which was quickly replaced and a tiny redecoration required. Leaving it and the damp would have worsened and the plaster would soon have become ”blown” requiring a far more expensive solution and extensive repair.
  • A broken hinge on oven (actually quite a common problem!): Repaired in minutes but left unchecked the oven door would quickly become broken requiring a much larger expense.
  • Small plumbing leaks: A small leak, if unchecked, can lead to huge problems later if not repaired. Small quantities of water cause rot to wood, metal to rust, plaster to 'blow', decorations to deteriorate and much more.
  • Window Locks: A tenant called after a burglary. The tenants natural reaction is to hate the house, hate the area, hate the town! Buy2LetExpert quickly suggest window locks and an alarm. Both are quite small tasks but the cost here saves the void and is a good opportunity to give the tenant some TLC together with improving the property while there is a tenant paying rent. If the tenant moves on we are ready for the re-let with no or minimial voids.




Simple garden design for buy-to-let property


Inside one of our managed properties


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