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Electical work will often form part of work such as changes in the kitchen or updates required to satisfy legal or safety considerations. As always, the Buy2LetExpert project manager ensures that the electrical contractor is engaged at the precise moment he is required so that the combination of works are completed as quickly as possible thereby maximising rental returns.

Our section on lighting in the interior design section demonstrates how important lighting is. Some lighting systems such as 'intelligent lighting' are quite complex and probably unnecessary in all but the most expensive properties. However, quite small changes to the electrics of a house may have a huge impact. For example the fitting of a dimmer to a living area’s main light while providing additional 'up lights' and/or table lights may have an enormous impact when accompanied with complimentary interior design. In this example the electrician has a small task to change a light switch for a dimmer switch and maybe add a socket or two if required. The return on this investment is likely to be much greater.

Considerations for rewiring:

Burglar Alarms. Wiring ready for the various sensors costs almost zero so put the wires in whatever! An alarm is normally advised but with an INTERNAL sounder only and a dummy box outside. A noise nuisance in the night may receive a complaint to the council. They will quickly send out sub contractors and the costs will be passed to the landlord whoever caused the alarm!

TV. There may be demand for both internet and TV services in bedrooms. Sky Plus usually requires two feeds so that there can be one 'house' decoder and different people can watch different programs in different rooms at the same time. A separate 'freeview' or 'freesat' feed may also be advisable. No one can predict the demand of a future tenant but at rewire the incremental extra cost of an extra feed or two is very low and to some extent 'future proofs' the installation. Also, if dishes are later fitted by outside contractors it is sure to be executed as cheaply as possible regardless how ugly the end result is both internally and externally.

Telephone. Probably not necessary to have in all rooms. The house router is best in a central (non bedroom area) so consider a good location for this with hard wire cat 6 feeds to bedrooms, kitchen and living areas.

Sockets Switch and Light Design. Do not skimp on the number of sockets for the sake of a very tiny cost saving.

Choice depends very much on the location of a property. Decent quality stainless steel fittings can look excellent if the quality of the rest of the property demands it.

There is no point placing beautiful fittings on an old rough wall. It will only show the wall defects more. However, a well finished property with good plasterwork and woodwork may be enhanced by combining down lights, door handles, door hinges, electrical sockets and switches in stainless steel. However, DO NOT mix metals such as chrome, brushed stainless steel, brass or plastics! It will look awful and be expensive. If in doubt stick to white which will stand out least!

Cat 5e or 6 Wiring. Cat 5e or 6 wiring may be considered for the internet. Speeds and security are better on a hard wired internet and useful for home networks which are becoming more common.

Electrics are very important but much of the work is not directly seen. Careful electrical planning ensures the success of the interior design in all rooms of the property. Some electrical works can be very small but achieve huge impacts during tenant viewings.


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