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Mistakes with selection of furnishings often relate to a landlord imposing his or her personal taste on the choice selections. It is impossible to know the tenant in advance but Buy2LetExpert will first draw a profile of the likely age and type of potential tenant. This will depend on the location and type of property. Buy2LetExpert will then identify where the demand is likely to come from for the property and then fit the furnishings around that likely profile.

Even armed with the information above, one cannot be sure regarding individual taste. The key is to try to make a property 'neutral' but not look like a hospital and be too clinical and/or boring. This is a delicate balance but a few pointers for an example property targeted at a small group of tenants who are all working following recent graduation from university might be:

  • Accept that in the real world sofas and chairs will become dirty and worn. Purchase modern designs with removable covers. Expect to change the covers rather than the sofa in the coming years so buy spare covers in advance before the product is discontinued.
  • Dining tables should be as flexible as possible. Many younger people do not eat regularly at conventional dining tables these days but do want a table for use on occasions or for other tasks. Gate leg designs are very good where space is very tight. Designs should be modern.
  • It can be very hard to visualise the size of furniture once in the property when it is displayed in much larger premises or on the net. Taking measurements, photos and ideally scale plans of the property to the furniture supplier really helps.

Buy2LetExpert will aim to make the property look as big and spacious as possible! There are many 'tricks' but furnishings are one important cog in the wheel.

Ikea is a good supplier of well designed contemporary 'flat pack' furnishings. While the designs and price are good, the quality is not always as high. Consequently, after a year or two, items may quickly and need replacing. This may not be a bad thing. For a buy to let property, it is often better to pay 2x £150 for a dining table over a 5 year period than pay £300 (or much more) for a better quality table that lasts more than 5 years. The more expensive table may get damaged anyway after a couple of years and need replacing and/or the design may start to look dated in any case by the time 5 years has passed.

While Ikea and similar type furniture suits the buy to let market well, the furniture requires selection, collection and assembly. This is a surprisingly time consuming process and as always the key is to minimise voids. Buy2letExpert achieves this by ensuring that furniture is selected, purchased and assembled at the same time that the property is cleaned, decorated and repaired. Buy2letExpert may store the newly assembled furniture ready to drop to the house the moment the old tenant leaves.


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