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Rubbish and junk clearance

Buy2LetExpert is ruthless regarding rubbish and junk clearance. See the inventory section but Buy2LetExpert will ensure existing tenants are charged for clearance of any junk they leave.

It is essential when preparing a property that nothing is kept unless it absolutely fits with the interior design objectives. Keeping items because 'they still work' or are 'not worn out' or 'are good quality' is a false economy. The finish of the property will be jeopardised however beautiful the object or objects might be if they do not fit in with the interior design objectives. If the items are really that good...sell them!!

In reality, during any refurbishment there are likely to be items to dispose of. In a newly purchased property there would be much more of course. In both cases there may be garden rubbish. Rubbish clearance can be expensive. Buy2LetExpert minimises this cost legally without 'fly tipping'. A few examples might be:

  • Green rubbish can usually be disposed of free of charge with council services
  • Non builders non green rubbish can usually also be disposed of free of charge.
  • Builders rubbish must be paid for. Depending on the job an analysis of the means of removal should be costed. Skips may be best but require licences from Councils (if in the public highway) which adds to the skip hire charge. Lighter rubbish may be best taken by a rubbish collection contractor who is charged by weight rather than volume.

Whatever is chosen, Buy2LetExpert will ensure that the cheapest method is adopted and that the clearance process causes no delays. As always the Buy2LetExpert project manager will ensure the clearance procedure occurs quickly minimising delays and therefore reducing voids and returning maximum returns to our clients.


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Rubbish clearance


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