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Kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms in a property to build and replace. They are also the two rooms that tend to most differentiate a poor property from a quality one. Replacement options are discussed more in the bathroom interior design section. This section deals more with maintenance and smaller improvement options.

Bathroom renovation costs in a rented property can be drastically reduced without affecting the rental income with careful planning. Buy2letExpert will advise on the details applicable to a particular property but some general guides are:

Do not become personally involved. Buy2LetExpert will always design the bathroom for the tenants. The room is likely to be used heavily as all bedrooms are likely to be occupied in order to maximise rent in all but the most expensive London locations. We can advise on individual situations but a few guides to cost effective bathroom improvement might be:

  • Replacement of a W.C. and sink does not have to be expensive. Ditto for cracked or damaged baths, sinks etc
  • Replacement of all cracked mirrors and glass is cheap and essential
  • Dated and/or cracked tiles should be replaced (or tiled over)
  • All sealing joints such as mastic should be new and clean and applied neatly by a specialist.
  • A humidity activated ventilation system is essential in any bathroom upgrade. This helps to avoid mould which helps the bathroom continue to look its best.
  • General cleaning. Modern cleaning products (and some more traditional ones such as bleach) can quickly remove limescale, mould and more. Always test such products on natural tiles though!
  • Lighting. Depending on the situation an upgrade to sunken halogen lighting might be considered. Such upgrades may not be expensive.
  • Heating. The replacement of a traditional radiator for a more contemporary version can often add a lift to an older bathroom as well as being more practical.

It is always a balance to know whether it is worth upgrading an existing bathroom or 'cutting the losses' and replacing. Buy2letexpert have great experience with this and can help give guidance on a case by case basis as no two situations are alike.

Site management of bathroom works is very important. Improvements of the type discussed in this section can generally be executed with the tenants in situ provided all parties (electricians, tilers, plumbers and more) are coordinated properly. Careful planning here is essential. By utilising our own staff with years of experience working together as a team, Buy2LetExpert ensures works are efficiently executed while prioritising the tenant and recognising it is their home! Courtesy and careful planning are rewarded with an uninterrupted rent stream and a better bathroom.


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